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Our Story

My name is Ajeet, and I am the co-founder of RepairMyCycle. We are a startup company that repairs all types of cycles at competitive prices. Our goal is to decrease the amount of people who need to dump their bike in the trash because they cannot afford to fix it.

We also want to improve the general cycling culture by promoting cycling as an economical and environmental friendly way of travel.

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Our Work Process

Not sure how our team works? Here we'm sharing the whole process in detailed.

Discuss the Repairing

Our process begins with a conference call that identifies what's wrong and what we need to do to fix it.

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  • Step 01.

Schedule the Meeting

Our team looks forward to having a meeting with you so that we can better understand the cycle (fees may vary).

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  • Step 02.

Fix Your Cycle

Our next step involves repairing your bicycle and providing necessary maintenance (even at your doorstep).

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  • Step 03.

Our Greatest Minds

In this section you can find some of our greatest minds who have helped us to grow this website.

Sunny Kumar
Ajeet Kumar